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Discover the Côte Fleurie

Camping de la Plage – Houlgate | À visiter | Discover the Côte Fleurie

From Cabourg to Honfleur, the Côte Fleurie offers a succession of sandy beaches, cliffs and charming seaside resorts, such as Deauville, Trouville-sur-Mer, Cabourg, Houlgate…

The many fine sandy beaches, ideal for lazing around, are also a delight for lovers of invigorating walks.

Houlgate, with its 500 villas, is the capital of the Côte Fleurie and has a rich heritage of Neo-Norman, Anglo-Saxon and Norman architecture.


Since 1825, when Trouville was discovered by Mozin, the little town has developed into a seaside resort and has become the “Queen of the beaches”. Once known by fishermen and nature-loving painters, today you can enjoy the charm of this beautiful resort.

On the programme:

The Trouville museum: with a permanent exhibition of Mozin’s paintings, Boudin’s watercolours and Savignac’s posters.
The beach: this beach was said to be the most beautiful in France in the 19th century
The villas: on the seafront, admire the magnificent villas as you stroll along the Planches.



Cabourg is one of the star seaside resorts of the Côte Fleurie in Normandy!
The festival, the beach, the casino, the racecourse but also the mythical Grand Hotel de Cabourg offers you the promise of a romantic getaway. The beautiful seaside resort has retained its old-fashioned charm. Relax for an afternoon at the casino. From the Marcel Proust Promenade, admire the breathtaking view of the Normandy coastline and its typical houses.

On the programme;

Marcel Proust Promenade
The beach
The casino
The Black Cow Cliffs



Thanks to Boudin, we can easily trace the history of Deauville. Following in the footsteps of his rich clientele, he opened the casino, the racecourse… He himself bought a villa there, facing the sea.

On the programme:

The Eugène-Boudin House
The beach: Enjoy a colourful stroll thanks to the many multicoloured parasols that have become the symbol of the resort.
The casino and the villas



Houlgate was built in the 1850’s, it grew like a mushroom as in 20 years 500 villas, one more beautiful than the other, sprang up. It was a rush of architects to make the most beautiful property.

On the programme;

Promenade Roland Garros
The beach
The casino
The Black Cow Cliffs
Rally on the architecture of the town (organised by the Tourist Office)