Outdoor activities in Calvados


Bike rides

Explore 8 kilometers of coastline between Longues-sur-Mer and Arromanches. All along your journey, you’ll be able to admire an exceptional view of the sea and the beach. There’s something for everyone!

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Kayaking in the wilderness

The calm of nature, the birds of the ornithological reserve, and gentle sport… Here’s a small taste of what awaits you on a stroll along the Orne estuary.

The Club de Voile et Pagaie de Franceville offers a wide range of nautical activities. Starting in April, you can join our club instructors on a discovery tour of the estuary in a kayak, stand-up paddle or pirogue.


A gentle stroll for all

Walking or hiking? Discover the hidden corners of Calvados on foot. In Calvados, outings can be either looped or roamed to explore seaside trails or charming country lanes. For great sightseeing, alone or in company, take the time to hike and stroll during your stay at the campsite.

Discover unsuspected landscapes and enjoy unforgettable family moments. Put on your walking shoes. Don’t worry, the kids will find an exit to suit their little legs!

Our favourite walks :

  • Grand parcours in the Forêt d’Ifs
  • Orne riverbank nature trail
  • Le Chemin de la mine
  • The banks of the Orne
  • In the footsteps of Marie Joly

A sand yacht adventure

Practicable almost all year round, it’s THE water sport for everyone. A must-see during your stay in Calvados, combining speed, fresh air and laughter. The good news? You don’t need 2 hours of training to do it!

The sea is low, so get ready for an introduction to sand yachting in Normandy. Carried by the wind over miles of fine sand, with the sea as your only horizon, sand yachting will take you on a voyage of discovery! It’s the ideal activity for those who want to get some exercise in the fresh air and take in the sights. It’s easy to do with the whole family, as the activity is accessible from the age of 5.

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