The delights of Normandy: an unforgettable culinary adventure

Normandy is renowned for its natural landscapes, its history and, of course, its delicious cuisine. Normandy’s gastronomic specialities reflect the perfect marriage between quality local produce and culinary traditions handed down from generation to generation. Here’s a gustatory journey through the culinary delights for which Normandy is famous.

1. Camembert: a treasure

Normandy is the birthplace of the famous Camembert cheese, a world-famous cheese treasure. This soft cheese with a bloomy rind has a creamy texture and a delicate flavour. Normandy cows, reared in lush green pastures, produce the rich milk that gives Camembert its unique flavour. Enjoy it as it is, on a crusty baguette or melted into hot dishes, Camembert embodies the very essence of Norman gastronomy.


2. Oysters: Fresh from the Sea

The Normandy coast is famous for its oysters, offering an unrivalled taste experience. Normandy oysters are distinguished by their firm flesh, salty flavour and subtle aftertaste. The oyster beds, located along the estuaries, allow the molluscs to develop in ideal conditions. Best enjoyed with a drizzle of lemon or a sauce, Normandy oysters are a real treat for seafood lovers.


3. Calvados: The Spirit of Normandy in a bottle

Calvados, an apple brandy, is an emblematic drink of the region. Made from specific cider apples, the distillation process gives Calvados its rich, complex aromas. Aged in oak casks, this drink offers notes of apple, vanilla and dried fruit. Served as an aperitif or digestif, Calvados captures the very essence of Norman tradition.


4. Teurgoule: a comforting dessert

Teurgoule is a traditional Normandy dessert, often overlooked outside the region. This is a rice pudding baked with cinnamon, sugar and Normandy milk. This dessert is slow-cooked in an earthenware dish, offering a creamy texture and comforting flavour. Teurgoule embodies the warmth of Norman cuisine and is often shared at family meals. We recommend you try the Teurgoule in Houlgate’s covered market!

5. Apples: The star of Normandy orchards

Normandy is famous for its lush orchards, producing a variety of tasty apples. Normandy apples are used to create a range of delicious products, such as cider, apple juice and apple tarts. Pair all your Norman dishes with Normandy cider, appreciated for its freshness and diversity of flavours, from dry to sweet. Normandy is one of the two main regions in France that grows cider apples and can therefore produce this beverage.

In short, Normandy offers a rich and diverse gastronomic experience, highlighting the quality of local produce. From creamy cheeses to tasty seafood and sweet delights, Normandy’s gastronomy is a feast for the senses. Don’t hesitate to contact our campsite team if you’d like more information about Normandy or its gastronomic specialties.

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